About Us

Loyz Marine is an indigenous oil and gas servicing company birthed out of the need to provide marine support to commercial shipping, maritime assets and other related activities taking place within the Nigerian maritime domain. We support every stage of offshore exploration and production, provide anchored or dynamic supply vessels, crew boats including conveyance of product, equipment and personnel from shore to offshore locations like drilling rigs, platforms. We have at our disposal, the technology to deliver prompt and efficient services within our region of operations.

Our priority is to establish ourselves as a reliable partner to clients as we offer innovative and unparalleled solutions to mitigating the risks associated with carrying out business operations in Nigeria.

We take delivery of services to our clients in the highest regard as our client’s success is a measure of our own success. As a result, we place utmost importance in providing reliable support that adds value to our clients by integrating innovative technologies, ensuring we deliver our services continuously in strict adherence to global standards on safety and compliance utilizing a team of highly skilled professionals that possess in depth knowledge of the maritime, security and oil & gas industry.

Loyz Marine is committed to ensuring the health & safety of the employees, stakeholders and safeguarding critical assets & infrastructure in productive, cost-effective and transparent approach. 


Results in Services

Our goal is to exceed expectations by delivering the best job possible

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of marine support solutions & logistics operations in Nigeria by incorporating technology into our process to drive efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Core Values

An essential part of our process is an incorporation of integrity into our services, we uphold our company to the highest moral standards and principles as it is our top priority to be honest and transparent with our clients.
Result Oriented
Loyz Marine is a company that is driven by providing solutions to issues facing productivity and efficiency and as such we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver exceptional results to our clients.
We understand that the business environment is dynamic and as such we possess the agility to adapt to the changes that may arise in the industry and proffer innovative solutions to resolving issues.
We understand that our people are one of our greatest assets and as such, we provide an environment that fosters personal development and professional growth and one that is conducive to creating the optimal work/life balance.
We understand the importance of quality service and gaining the trust of our clients which is why we ensure that we get the job done satisfactorily.

Our Mision

To provide on demand and reliable marine services to our clients by incorporating the highest quality standards and sustainable solutions in our service offerings. We strive to build a relationship on the basis of trust and service where we prioritize our customers’ requirements/ needs and are able to offer bespoke solutions as required.


Our Business Approach

With a reputation for excellent services, Loyz Marine have continuously developed the capabilities to operate in the industry, with the utilization of cutting-edge technology and a dynamic work force. Our business is driven by the need to provide sustainable solutions to our clients in the most cost-effective way- satisfying our clients with the best possible standards to the overall benefit of our stakeholders and pride of our people.


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