Who we are

We are a diverse team of young, exceptionally talented individuals. Loyz Marine provides equal opportunities with extraordinary prospects and challenges. We provide a secure working environment which supports diversity and inclusion, where every employee regardless of their background, can thrive. The environment is created to be conducive and professional while training in relevant areas of the business is regarded as priority.

Loyz Marine hires graduates at all degree levels (Bachelor’s, Master’s & Ph.D.). Ideal candidates should have strong academic credentials along with solid, relevant work experience, where applicable. Equally important are soft skills developed through previous leadership and team roles, i.e., interpersonal effectiveness, communication skills, time management skills, presentation skills, and adaptability.


Diversity is important to us, and we provide a work environment that treats all employees with respect, values diverse perspectives, encourages individual growth, and built on value creation, ownership, innovation, leadership, and rewards people based on their performance.

Everything that we do is guided by our commitment to establish and follow the highest standards in our industry. We provide highly competitive compensation and benefits knowing that this represents investment in our people.

Kindly upload your CV as we would like to reach out to you once we have any available position that matches your skills and qualifications.


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