Our priority is the safety and protection of client’s assets. We pride ourselves as the reliable partner of choice to ensure the safety and security of our client’s assets whilst carrying out business activities in the Gulf of Guinea. Loyz is made of security professionals with efficient knowledge of all offshore and onshore marine security operations and maintain adequate security operating levels based on the threat analysis at any given time.

We have excellent working relationship and partnership with the Nigerian Navy to provide offshore coastal security services for ships against pirate threats and provision of armed security personnel on-board vessels for security surveillance and bridge protection.

We currently operate and manage a fleet of 8 purposed built security vessels which are manned with Naval personnel with adequate security equipment in line with state requirements.

All SEVS under our operation are fitted with modern day navigation and communications equipment to allow them safely to undertake offshore security operations. We also embed a Field Security Liaison Officer (FSLO) onboard all our SEVs to manage all security related concerns and serve as a bridge between our OCC and the Naval team on board. The FSLO provides security threat analysis reports and advisory to the OIC on board and advises on the implementation of the Rule of Force and Rules of Engagement as required.

Where there are restrictions in the operations of SEVs, we work in collaboration with the Nigerian Navy to provide armed guards on board vessels. Prior to the deployment of guards on board, we ensure all safety guidelines are completed and the crew receive a comprehensive pre deployment brief from Loyz, via their base command. We are always on site during this process to ensure it is delivered up to standard and to manage and resolve all concerns as they arise.
Our operations team is available 24/7/365 to provide support as required and have adequate plans in place to mitigate any related issues.